Saturday, March 17, 2012

3 Senseis, 3 Variations

I was working on a couple of core throws last night at judo class, namely Uchimata and Harai Goshi.  To get a better handle on Uchimata, I've been watching Kosei Inoue's instructional DVDs.  The thing is, whenever I try to perfect the movements I've seen on the DVD, one of the 3 black belt instructors corrects my form and tweaks the technique.  Clearly they know more than I do, and if their feedback can help me execute the throw better, then I'm all for it; however, each of the instructors has a different body type, is a different style, and has his own way of executing the throw.

I don't ignore any of the feedback, but I admit it's frustrating to work a throw one way under the supervision of one sensei, only to have another one come along, change the grips entirely, and even aspects of the execution.  Case in point, our Cuban sensei tells me I should always stand tall for Harai Goshi and take a deep collar grip, similar to a wrestling collar tie up.  Then our Italian sensei tells me to take more of a lapel grip, closer to the collar bone, and to bend my knees more deeply on the entry (which is tough for me at my current weight). Finally, we have the Canadian sensei who prefers to use an underhook rather than either a collar or lapel grip.  Of the 3, the Canadian has a build and body type that most closely resembles mine (I'm probably about 20 lbs heavier than him), so his method is likely best for me.

I can't believe how fast this term has gone. We've got maybe 2 weeks left before the university club shuts down for the year and I'm left to fend for myself judo-wise until next September.  I'll have to suck it up and start making the hour and a half drive to find a quality club to work with if I ever expect to get better.

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