Saturday, March 24, 2012

Large Group Training

Today, the Western Judo Club hosted an open 3 hour training session.  To say this session was hard on my body would be an understatement.  It wasn't as well attended as the club would have liked, but we had a lot more mat space to work with this time around, so that alone made it worth attending.

My uchikomis need a lot of work. I'm finding that I'm pulling myself toward uke instead of pulling uke to me.  That messes with my kuzushi, which in turn makes throwing people pretty miserable for me.  I got a chance to work with a heavyweight black belt, but I'm not sure how well I'll be able to adapt his techniques to fit my game.  He's a lot stronger than I'll ever be (a natural result of a lifetime in wrestling and judo), and his game reflects that.

I will try to work a bit more on kouchi gari into a drop seio nage.  I'll also work on using my weight a bit more to move my opponent around.  On the upside, I dominated a black belt in newaza training.

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